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Maybe you've just heard of someone from NMN so far, maybe you've read Prof. Sinclair's book or you've seen one of his numerous interviews on YouTube, or maybe you've already bought a sample of NMN from us and, because no leaflet was there, ask yourself how you should take the NMN, what the right dosis might be, etc.

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One question worries many of our customers, especially newcomers to NMN supplementation:

Does NMN have side effects? Or is it even carcinogenic?

IMPORTANT: NMN is a chemical, not a nutritional supplement! It is not (yet) certified as such. Therefore we don't supply a  measuring spoon. If necessary, please order the inexpensive small digital scale.​

Here are some of the most important answers to the most common questions:

0. The current degree of purity of the NMN we sell

This analysis result is probably 'disturbing' for most customers, because the declared purity of our new NMN is well over 100%.
We will be happy to send you a (more) current analysis by email on request.​

We have tried to formulate an explanation for this analysis result or to find it on the Internet that an educated layperson without special prior knowledge of (bio) chemistry can understand, but unfortunately we did not succeed. This depends on the complexity of the analytical method (HPLC) used. If any of you, dear customers, are so familiar with the matter that they can provide us with a clearly understandable explanation for this matter, we would be delighted.

Intertek itself wrote about this result:

"Hello Peter,
 I am not sure how to help here, They are technically correct. The only way to determine a 'true value' is through statistical analysis of multiple chemical analysis. If we allow for a variance +2% then a variance -2% is equally as likely. The only thing I can offer is that this is an industry accepted practice and that there is no better way to achieve results on a single analysis. We stand by our analysis and, since we are audited by the FDA, we are following all required measure of quality required from an ISO certified, GMP facility. 

Stay Healthy and Best Regards
Noah Morgan
Key Account Manager"

What does that mean?
Well, first of all, that means that a single analysis (it costs around $ 300) is only +/- 2% accurate! If you wanted a higher level of accuracy, you would have to run several (numerous) analyzes (at $ 300 each) and then take an average.

In our case, however, it means something very special and very pleasant: If we take a measurement inaccuracy of +/- 2% as a basis, then the degree of purity of 'our' NMN is at least 99.8% in the worst case! (The Certificate of Analysis from our supplier shows a degree of purity of 99.9%.) It is therefore extremely pure NMN.

Both our 'ordinary NMN' and our 'ultra pure NMN' now have a purity of 99.9%. With regard to fluctuations that may occur in the future, we guarantee a degree of purity of > 99% for our 'ordinary' NMN. With our 'ultra-pure NMN', we will only use batches in the future that are 99.9% pure. Currently there is no difference between the ordinary NMN and the ultra-pure NMN in terms of purity! The surcharge that we charge for the 'ultra-pure NMN' results from the higher analysis effort (it is also checked for heavy metal and germs) and the greater effort involved in processing (for details, please refer to the product description).

We are proud to be able to continue to promise unsurpassed quality in the products we sell.

1. Shelf life and storage / cooling

To this end, all sorts of 'theories' circulate on the Internet. :-)

There are now producers of NMN who advertise that the NMN they sell is stable at room temperature. We very much suspect that from an observation they made, they simply made an argument for advertising.

To illustrate: If we order NMN (like all NMN on the market, it comes from China!), then it will be with us for a week (without special cooling). Then we send the NMN (without special cooling) to the laboratory we trust in the USA (Intertek). This also takes about a week. Then it lies around in the laboratory (again without special cooling) at least a week before it's 'on'. It is a total of three weeks minimum without any special cooling but without taking any damage, as the (published) laboratory results demonstrate.

When stored at minus 21 degrees, the laboratory gives a quality guarantee for at least 2 years. This means that if > 98% is guaranteed, then in two years the purity is still > 98% with this cooling.

It is therefore sufficient to store the NMN in the refrigerator. The amount you have bought probably is 'for immediate use' anyway. If you should buy more, it could make sense to store it in the freezer.

The end of a myth (YouTube): NMN is stable at room temperature

A general comment on durability from a scientific point of view

The products we sell are all pure substances (the only exception to this are the NMN lozenges, which contain food fibers as additives to stabilize the shape and prevent abrasion). So these are specific molecules, and molecules don't just break down! The substances are not radioactive. :-)
In order for molecules to break down, either energy (e.g. in the form of light) or a reagent (e.g. oxygen) is required. In addition, many molecules also break down when dissolved in water. So if you store the substances we supply away from light and dry, they will last far longer than the 2 years that we generally state as a precaution, as both the plastic jars and the plastic bags (in which capsules are often packed) are airtight.

2. Dosage

We cannot give you any dosage recommendations of NMN resveratrol. If we gave dosing recommendations, it could be taken as an indication that we are distributing a dietary supplement, and NMN is not approved as a dietary supplement. That's why we only sell a chemical! We do it like Sinclair, who never recommends anything, but only says what he personally does! :-)

Sinclair takes (and we do it exactly) 1 g a day. Some of us divide this into 2 to 3 servings, which we take sublingually before each meal, so let the powder melt under our tongue.

There is actually no dose that you could recommend because it’s a matter of taste. If you wanted to take as much NMN as Sinclair gives his mice (which have amazing effects with it), you would have to take 40 g a day anyway. That would be dangerous because we don't know the side effects with this amount.

Please note: NMN is not a drug. It is therefore not particularly important to pay attention to an accurate dosage. If you take 0.75 g today and 1.5 g tomorrow, it doesn't matter. On average, it should be what you set out to do. You really don't need a measuring spoon. If you buy a 16g bag, then take a small spoon (if necessary, a plastic spoon from any yogurt mug) and spoon everything out of the bag, counting. Then you know how much fits on a spoon ...

3. What can you expect if you take NMN? What effects can you hope for?

Please read our corresponding entry on our Facebook page.

4. Is NMN / Resveratrol vegtan / organic?

Please read our corresponding entry on our Facebook page.

5. I bought NMN in the US and now from you. Your NMN smells / tastes very different!

It is very difficult to decide whether you became victim of a scam when buying NMN from the USA just by taste / smell. For two reasons:

1. We now know from experience that with one and the same producer, not every batch of NMN has exactly the same properties (taste, specific weight, appearance, consistency) as previous batches. This is related to the type of production: In the currently inexpensive production method, which is practically exclusively used, bacteria are 'fed' in a solution with nicotinamide and produce NMN from it.  Before this method was developed at the University of Bucharest in 2018 (here an article in the journal nature: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-018-30792-0), Sinclair claims he had to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a kg of NMN. Because NMN was SO expensive, it was practically unknown and no one thought of consuming this substance. - When this inexpensive method was published, some Chinese companies immediately jumped at it (even Sinclair obtained his NMN from China in 2018, according to an article by him from that time). Today, practically all NMN in the world is produced in China (just like iPhones etc., simply because it can be produced cheaper in China). The NMN, which is sold in and exported from the USA, also comes from China (with the exception of some chemical dealer who only deliver to laboratories and scientific institutions - and to a respective price). We are not aware of a producer (not a supplier) in the United States. By the way, we like to use the NMN with a higher specific weight for the production of capsules, because then more NMN fits into one capsule. - In one sentence: With the same purity (!), NMN can taste and look different.

2. We know from tests in our group that it is very difficult to agree on a taste / smell, and it is incredibly difficult to describe an (unknown!) Taste / smell reasonably precisely. Organisms differ in infinite detail and therefore perceive one and the same sensual stimulus very differently due to their physiological features.

To be sure, there is only one thing left: an analysis (costs about $ 450).

6. Should you take NMN sublingually?

Sinclair says: "My mice get it orally. I take it orally too!" However, there is also a study (a doctoral thesis) that comes to the conclusion that NMN is up to 5 times as effective when applied sublingually, because if it is melted under the tongue, the NMN immediately enters the bloodstream. If taken orally, the study found that most of the NMN is broken down in the liver.

Here is the link to the study: https://www.cell.com/cell-metabolism/pdfExtended/S1550-4131(18)30196-7

7. Your NMN comes from China. How can I be sure that it is not contaminated with heavy metals or germs?

All NMN in the world comes (currently) from China, just like every iPhone comes from China, simply because it can be produced there more cheaply.
No other provider in the world / online checks the NMN it delivers more rigorously than we do. Please refer:

8. In an interview, Prof. Sinclair advises taking NMN that is as pure as possible. You offer 'ultra-pure' and 'ordinary' NMN (which is only 98% pure). If the purity is only 98%, what is the remaining 2%?

Please read the following article about the necessary degree of purity of NMN. And, please, note: In a scientific study carried out in Japan on the safety of NMN in humans  NMN with a purity of only 95%-96% was used! 

Our 'ultra-pure NMN' (purity 99.7% or higher): There is no evidence that such a high purity also corresponds to an increased effectiveness of the NMN. For example, in a recent Japanese study of NMN tolerance in humans, subjects were - as mentioned above - given NMN only in a purity of 95 to 96 percent.
There are different production processes and a high purity of the product certainly speaks for high standards in production. That is definitely an advantage. And those of our customers, for whom a price difference of 20 to 30 percent is not really significant, will surely choose the purer product 'because of the good feeling'.
Special hygiene measures on our part when processing U-NMN: The air is cleaned of dust / floating particles by an air washer. The assistants wear a clean smock to prevent dust from clothing from contaminating the substance, they wear a hood for the hair, latex gloves and a face mask.

9. I would like to know who your supplier is or who your suppliers are. (You claim: All NMN in the world comes from China!)

No, unfortunately that is not possible. Check out this page to understand a bit: https://research.afega.net/NMN-Betrug-fraud/nmn-betrug-fraud.html

We lost about 15,000 euros through fraudulent Chinese companies. We had to invest countless hours of research to find three reliable suppliers, we had to 'endure' countless negative analysis results beforehand (fraudulent companies that pretended to deliver NMN but did not deliver), we had to spend many hours to negotiate with the customs and Health authorities in Germany and Switzerland etc.

Through all of these activities, we have built up considerable expertise that we do not simply want to 'give away' now. Others can then save themselves all of this and enter the market as our competitors. Their advantage would then be: They did not have all of these costs and can therefore offer their NMN cheaper than we can ...

All NMN in the world comes from China!

In the currently 'exclusively' inexpensive production method, bacteria are 'fed' in a solution with nicotinamide and produce NMN from them. Before this method was developed at the University of Bucharest in 2018 (here an article in the journal nature: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-018-30792-0), Sinclair claims to have tens of thousands of dollars have to pay for a kg of NMN. Because NMN was SO expensive, it was practically unknown and no one thought of consuming this substance. - When this inexpensive method was published, some Chinese companies immediately jumped at it (even Sinclair obtained his NMN from China in 2018, according to an article by him from that time). Today, practically everything NMN in the world is produced in China (just like iPhones etc., simply because it can be produced cheaper in China). The NMN that you get from the USA also comes from China. We are not aware of a PRODUCER (not a supplier) in the United States.

10. Which certificates (e.g. cGMP or from the FDA or ISO 9001) can your supplier from China show?

The Chinese producer, who deprived us of more than 15,000 dollars because he supplied us with cheap nicotinamide and pretended it to be expensive NMN, was both FDA certified and ISO 9001 certified and had other certificates. We checked the authenticity of these certificates: they were all genuine. Nevertheless, this Chinese supplier unscrupulously cheated on us (it is particularly unscrupulous that he accepted a risk to our health, because we finally took the substance he supplied us with!). We have documented this scandal comprehensively (see our YouTube channel), we have released press releases, have informed the FDA, and even wrote to the Chinese Ministry of Economic Affairs. No reaction! Since this experience, certificates have no longer had any special value for us. We rely on our own rigorous controls by independent laboratories!

11. You can imagine a lot. I'm looking for a way to somehow objectively check whether taking NMN does something (positive) for me.

You may have heard or read about 'biological age' or the 'Horvath watch'. If not, just read this article in Wikipedia:

Here you'll find a test to determine biological age: https://www.mydnage.com/