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The research of Prof. Sinclair, although breathtaking in claims made, is still almost unknown in Europe. We belong to a group of scientists under the umbrella of AFEGA (AFEGA Research Group, Email: who want to establish this new branch of research in Europe. We carry out our research together with colleagues (including biologists and psychologists and a beautician) from D, CH, A, GB and F. We build on the research of Dr. med. Sinclair (he carries out animal experiments with the various substances) and test the results obtained by Prof. Sinclair in animal experiments on ourselves and friends and relatives. These are scientific studies, but we do them on a private basis, so to speak, taking on ourselves as "test persons", supplemented by friends and relatives.

As NMN distributor and provider the The research is concerned with the effects of substances (especially resveratrol and NMN) and the effect of the substances when processed in cosmetic products (in particular nicotinamide).

Our Goal

Peter Niehenke, Ph.D., research and product developmentOur goal is to be a reliable supplier of 'genuine NMN'. We had to pay a lot of training and have worked hard for many hours. Only after a long search we found a laboratory (in the Unitted States) that can reliably analyze NMN. But each analysis of a sample costs $ 290. And you have to have many samples analyzed to find a supplier that is trustworthy. You also have to carry out quality checks in between. And with all that not enough: The substance is virtually unknown, and with so many customers who order NMN in the US, the package is simply not handed out. It is either confiscated by customs (as in our case) or sent back because NMN is not (yet) approved as a dietary supplement in Europe. For this reason, carefully read what we have written under Shipping and Payment.

We as a reputable NAD+ distributor agree with David that NMN should be available to everyone at an affordable price. If it works as the research suggests, it is a sort of 'human right': it must not be that rich people can 'prolong' their lives, and poorer people just have to die sooner.

Our most important goal is that our customers can trust us! They should not have to experience what we had to experience (see the link to our video documentations about that matter).

Peter Niehenke, PhD-Psychologist
research and product development

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