Technical aids/Test biological age

In this category you will find tests to determine your biological age and other technical devices that are necessary or helpful for the application of the substances we offer.

epiAge – Epigenetic Test Kits to Determine Your Biological Age

Technical aids to test biological age are instruments that identify a person's biological age/epigenetic age and are useful for an objective test of the benifits of substances available from AFEGA Anti-Aging Shop. With the epiAge testkit we assist you determine your biological age, which will benefit you in preserving your young appearance and understanding the effects of the anti-aging treatments we supply. Please be aware of our special offer for AFEGA Research Group study participants. If you prefer our substances iin powder form because you plan to apply NMN for instance sublingually the Josh's digital scale for precision weighing will be helpful.

Josh's MR1 Digital Scale
Josh's digital scale that weighs precisely up to 100g in 0.01g steps
Maximum order quantity: 2
14,90 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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