Oxygène (chambres)

Conseil pour : Achat assisté d'un caisson hyperbare à oxygène : MACY-PAN ST801 caisson hyperbare à oxygène (HBO - Hyperbare Oxygenation) - Réservable également au sein de l'UE
Assisted Purchase: The first hour telephone advice on product  Soft Type Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber MACY PAN ST801  (can be split across multiple calls, minute billing, but are at least 10 minutes billed for each call). For consultations, appointments must be made in advance by email or WhatsApp (+41.799107145). Advice is given via a special telephone number, which is communicated by email or SMS / WhatsApp after payment has been received. An appointment can be canceled up to 1 hour in advance at no cost. If an appointment is not canceled, it will be treated as a 10-minute conversation.
The subject of the consultation is not the medical aspects of the HBOT!
The subject of the consultation is exclusively the product itself (i.e. the properties of the chamber, details of commissioning and operation, experience with the use of the chamber, etc.) - The right to fulfill this service is limited to 3 months.
60,00 EUR
incl. 19% De taxe de ser excl. Les frais de livraison
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