Anti-Aging Bodylotion
New recipe: Anti-Aging Bodylotion with Q10 and 5 % Nicotinamide (200 ml)

New recipe: Anti-Aging Bodylotion with Q10 and 5 % Nicotinamide (200 ml)

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50 g NMN powder (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide)

50g NMN powder,  purity > 99%, CAS 1094-61-7
Storage: NMN is stable at room temperature and has a shelf life of AT LEAST 2 years.

Please note the discount in the item description when buying (at least) 5 cans.

IMPORTANT: NMN is a chemical, not a nutritional supplement! It is not (yet) certified as such. Therefore we don't supply a  measuring spoon. If necessary, please order the inexpensive small digital scale.​

84,89 EUR
1,70 EUR per g
AFEGA Massage oil with anti-aging effect (200 ml in a spray bottle) - it's the right mixture that matters ...
This massage oil is a blend of very precious oils, it is the best you can do for your skin. In our studies we asked the participants to use it for a long time after every bath (every shower) - and it convinced us. One problem, however, is that it does not 'get into the skin' quickly, as they say. The skin stays greasy for some time similar to using a suntan oil. But it is worth it to accept that!
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Your price 15,01 EUR
7,51 EUR per 100 ml
50 g Trimethylglycin powder (Betain powder) - to be taken as a precaution when consuming NMN
50 g trimethylglycine powder (betaine powder), CAS 107-43-7
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